“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

William Morris

As good a principle for design as it is for your home. The first step to good design is knowing what is useful and then making it beautiful.

Dearling Blends

This project started with package design, as the product itself was the most important element. The package design features unique illustrations, as well as color coding for each type of tea.

The next step in the branding project was the website – dearlingblends.com. The client wanted to communicate what set the brand apart immediately.

After the main website was established, we started to have fun with a variety of banners that not only explained more about the brand, but had fun. This was where the brand could stay current with design and food trends. Additionally – I launched social channels for the brand, focusing on Instagram. This was another outlet for staying up to date with trends and directly interfacing with the audience.

The last step for the brand launch was the product content – optimized, visually beautiful image galleries for each product page.

My roles throughout this brand launch:

– Art direction
– Graphic & package design
– Illustrator
– Web design
– Content producer
– Social media content creation & analysis
– Photographic director


My work with Crayola was all about optimization – how to best reviatlize the product detail page in a way that both attracted customers and convinced them to convert. I worked in two ways –  visually attract parents and kids and telegraphically communicate the benefits of many different kinds of products.

My optimization and design increased conversion 33% from e-commerce platforms by bolstering product detail page imagery. I redesigned and optimized image organizational systems to save 75% of search and upload time for myself, coworkers, and future team members.

I created aspirational illustrations and crafts and curated existing imagery for product detail pages, as well as coordinate outside talent and makers to establish a product user base for further output creation.

My roles throughout these product optimizations:

– Art direction
– Product detail page optimization & image curation
– Tested hypothesis of conversion increase impetus (A/B testing)
– Illustration & visual art
– Photographic Direction
– Photo Re-touching

Nanacoco & Annie International

These were parent (Annie) and child (Nanacoco) companies that I was a designer with. With Annie I was a graphic designer focused mostly on packaging and website refresh designs. With Nanacoco, I was the lead designer. I was responsible for all packaging, display, trade show, social media content, and print collateral design.

I managed a small team for marketing efforts, and handled internal and external design needs and contracts.

Accolades: Franklin Award 2016, 2017 “for excellence in print & design” awarded to the summer catalog.

This project included the layout design for the full catalog, all typography, brand illustrations, photographic direction and retouching, and print preparation.

My roles throughout my time here:

– Art direction
– Graphic, packaging, print, and web design
– Brand development, curation, and illustration
– Social media strategist and content creator
– Photographic direction and re-touching